About Michaela Nachtigall


Michaela Nachtigall, also known as Mklachu, is a classically trained violinist, violist, and composer located in the Bay Area.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music at UC Berkeley in 2015. 

She is also the violinist of Tetrimino, an internet-based, four-piece band that covers video game music in the style of jazz-fusion.

Michaela has contributed her violin-playing and viola-playing in many remix albums, such as:

...and more to come!

In addition, she is currently composing music for a tactical RPG called Wicked Night: Holy Knights, which is still in its early stages; WNHK is expected to be released in 2017 via Steam for PC & Mac.

Michaela enjoys learning new tunes on her Otamatone Deluxe in her spare time. She also enjoys transcribing music and abusing her perfect pitch privileges. On occasion, she will imitate the sound of "train whistles" and "pew pew" noises because she absolutely can... it's her "go-to icebreaker", click on the link. It will all make sense, pinky promise ~ (http://vocaroo.com/i/s1AHfWDJkHF9)